2 thoughts on “Opening up a South African bank account

  1. Caroline

    This is hysterical! I just moved to Cape Town 5 months ago and found your blog because I’m doing an internship with VAC too (but am also an American expat living in this glorious city)! I was just talking about attempting to open a bank account today but you’ve totally put me off the idea – and trust me I’ve had the same awful phone calls with Chase. Also I live right near the reservoir too?! Anyway hi! Nice too see someone else is doing the same thing! Check out our blog if you ever want to see the other side of the same coin! Or let me know if you want to grab coffee one time!

    1. madeleined Post author

      It’s a small city we live in! Awesome of you to drop a line, I had a look at your blog and it’s fantastic! Comparing stories over coffee seems like the obvious thing to do :)


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